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30" dial, be jealous

Chelsea Pilot w/ 8.5" Dial c1924

Chelsea Pilot w/ 8.5" Dial c1924

Chelsea 'Crystal' Ships Bell Clock, c1911

Rare Chelsea 'Crystal' Ships Bell Clock, c1911 in exceptional condition. We (the clock community) have only seen maybe three of these... and the others were totally beat up (and one had a wrong hour hand). The 'George E. Butler San Francisco' dial is also desirable too collectors.

Sawin & Dyer Banjo Clock

Sawin & Dyer Banjo Clock, c1825. John Sawin was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts on September 13th, 1799. It is thought that he was trained as a clockmaker by his uncle Aaron Willard. John was also related to Lemuel Curtis who was a cousin. Sawin and Dyar partnered from 1822-1827.

Seth Thomas Regulator 1,1860s

A rare and early Seth Thomas Regulator 1 with the round Terry movement, gilded pendulum rod, and banjo-clock-like setup... the weight drops down behind the label panel and the pendulum swings in front of the movement. Moon hands.

Standing Jewelers Regulator

Floor standing Jewelers Regulator, pinwheel escapement, beveled door glass with beveled design. This was originally acquired as 'free case' off of Craigslist; the rusted out clock parts were offered as an afterthought. After derusting and servicing the clock has been running ever since..

biedermeier vienna regulator, c1835-1848

this gorgeous thing is a ‘biedermeier vienna regulator’ with single-piece ‘pie crust’ dial… c1835-1848. biedermeier clocks came mostly out of vienna, but also germany.

Welch Spring & Company Regulator No. 2

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2, circa 1878. WS&C were known for building quality clocks that cost too much to produce profitably. Gorgeous rosewood veneer around the bezel, hand-painted faux graining on the case, gold-leafed pendulum, two weights, time-only, an 18" dial and extremely accurate.

Vienna Regulator, Transitional (1860s), 30-day

Vienna Regulator, Transitional (1860s), 30-day

Isaac Wood Tall Case, c1780

Tall Case clock by Isaac Wood of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, c1780.

A. Stowell & Son Banjo Clock, Charlestown, MA, c1840

Waterbury No. 8 Jewelers Regulator

Waterbury No. 8 Jewelers Regulator, 1905. 98" tall, I was just able to fit it in my Honda CRV to get it home. Deadbeat (not pinwheel) escapement, pendulum weights 13lbs, extremely accurate, surprisingly good condition with original label.


Gaskin tall case clock. Dublin. c1820. I found two identical clocks online. This was a Craigslist purchase... all original, phenomenal condition for 200 years old.

Colonial Winterhalder 5-Tube Clock

Colonial Winterhalder 5-Tube Clock, c1926. Colonial made cases and installed movements acquired from Germany. This one, by Winterhalder, is of the highest quality... kind of like finding a working Rolls Royce engine in a barn. It plays the Westminster chime on the quarter hours on 5 tubes.

Seth Thomas Office 1 Calendar

Seth Thomas Office 1 Calendar, c1877. 12" dial, 14" calendar dial, 40" tall. The calendar movement knows 30-day months and leap years.

Gilbert Jewelers Regulator

Gilbert Jewelers Regulator w/ deadbeat escapement (No. 9 movement), custom dial and case. Very fine and accurate movement with custom-turned brass pendulum bob, sweep second hand.

Joseph Beringer Fusee Wall Clock

A neo-gothic Fusee wall clock, c1870. Tapered 'fusee' gears wear used as the clock equivalents of bike detailers... allowing the clock to taper gearing to require less power over their 8-day run time.

Seth Thomas Pillar & Scroll

Seth Thomas Pillar & Scroll 30-hour clock w/ all wood gears, c1820s. Tablet glass and top wood (w/ scrolls) are later replacements. Photos include initial cleaning, which took two people eight full hours of chipping away black gunk, replacing a couple of broken teeth, etc. Tablet glass done by Tom Moberg, and includes Max (lower right).

Fusee Drop Dial Clock, c1830

Fusee Drop Dial Clock, c1830

Atkins 30-Day Extra

Atkins 30-day extra w/ rare upside-down movement. c1870s. It's been through the wars and had a hard life but runs great. Bottom case piece is not original, minute hand has been repaired. Gold-leafed pendulum, weights & bob also not original.

Seth Thomas Regulator 2

Seth Thomas Regulator 2... my first mechanical clock. c1890. The No. 2 is one of the most collectible clocks ever, as they were made from 1860 to 1950, with a re-issue of 4000 in the 70s. Although it has a second hand, the length of the pendulum means the clock ticks 80 times a minute... which means it ticks every 3/4 of a second.

Tifft Banjo Clock

Attleborro, MA banjo clock by Horace Tifft, c1840. Tiffts are easily identifiable by the picture frame throat and tablet wood and unique door latches. Glasses are replacements, as is the finial.

Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar 3

Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar 3, c1877. Dials have been repainted, case is in great condition.

Banjo Clock w/ Moon Dial

This is someone's special project, as there are no other banjo clocks with moon dials. It is a marriage of parts. Wladyslaw Boruski is shown as a cabinet maker in the 1928 Minneapolis city directory and those preceding 1928. The 1929 directory shows that he died May 23, 1928 at age 71. Glasses repainted by Linda Abrams.

E. Howard No. 5 Banjo Clock

E. Howard No. 5 Banjo Clock. E. Howard made five models of this clock, all pretty much the same styling but with each one bigger than the lesser number. The 5 is the most affordable and prevalent. Gold-leafed pendulum, re-painted dial.

Seth Thomas Regulator 2

Purchased from Merritt's... c1890s, dial touched up between I and II. The No. 2 is one of the most collectible clocks ever, as they were made from 1860 to 1950, with a re-issue of 4000 in the 70s. Although it has a second hand, the length of the pendulum means the clock ticks 80 times a minute... which means it ticks every 3/4 of a second.

Banjo Clock, Early 20th Century

Banjo Clock, early 20th century. This is an unidentified banjo clock... but I did find the same glasses used in a Herschede... but that clock, while similar, had a different chimney (under the brass eagle). While more modern, based on classic designs. c1910-1920 according to Lindy Larson, Larsons Clocks.

English Dome Top Tall Case Clock

English Dome Top Tall Case Clock, c1830. Dial re-silvered in late 2018. Inlaid case.

Jewelers Regulator Pinwheel

Jewelers Regulator, French, pinwheel escapement, sweep second hand, mercury pendulum. Mercury is/was used to help keep clocks more accurate. As/if the pendulum rod expands or contracts due to temperature changes, the mercury rises or falls in the jar to offset the change… maintaining the same effective length of the pendulum.<br>

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2, c1884. WS&C were known for building quality clocks that cost too much to produce profitably. The case has been restored, with rosewood veneer around the bezel and hand-painted faux graining on the case, accurate reproduction weights. Time-only, an 18" dial and extremely accurate.

Banjo Clock, Marriage

Howard-style #4 banjo clock case, Noah Pomeroy movement, functional but non-original dial, hands and pendulum assembly.

Vienna Regulator, Ferd. Kerbele, c1880

Vienna Regulator, Ferd. Kerbele, c1880. A fine example of this kind of clock, particularly with the all original and unbroken finials... kind of amazing that they've survived intact.

Wood Movement Seconds Clock

Wood Movement Seconds Clock. Between 1815 and 1835 or so brass was very expensive and 30-hour table clocks were the coin of the realm; houses were purchased for clocks, etc.. Made with all wood gears (except for the escape wheel, which gives the tick-tock sound), they had to be wound every day. This is an absolutely unique one-off built by a retired NASA engineer. In addition to be 1.5x larger than typical wood movements, it has been designed to 1) beat seconds (one tick per second) and 2) run for eight days. This is a very desirable clock for clock collectors.

Concord/Boston Banjo Clock Marriage

Classic Concord, MA case with a Boston (Sawin) movement. Doors have been remade, new old glass. Great movement.

A-Frame Fusee Movement, c1850

A-Frame Fusee Movement, c1850

French Crystal Regulator, Mercury Pendulum

French Crystal Regulator, Mercury Pendulum. c1865-1880

Custom Seth Thomas w/ #68 Movement

Seth Thomas #68 movement, 8" 5lb master clock pendulum bob, custom case. Entire front of case lifts off to access movement and pendulum which are mounted on a backboard hung on the wall.

French Crystal Regulator c1890

French Crystal Regulator c1890

Seth Thomas 86C Movement

Seth Thomas 86C Movement w/ English pendulum bob

Chelsea 3/4 Banjo Clock

Chelsea 3/4 banjo clock, c1926 (model made 1926-1932, movement made aug. 1925). All original.

French Presentation Clock

French presentation clock, black marble, Rollin movement w/ square plates. Plaque dates it to Nov. 1852.

Seth Thomas Lobby, 18" Dial

Seth Thomas Lobby, 18" Dial, c1907

English Time Clock w/ German Movement

English Time Clock w/ German Movement

'Mendocino' Tall Case Clock

'Mendocino' Tall Case Clock. Weight-driven w/ ST #61 repro movement.

Bergische Tall Case Clock

Bergische Tall Case Clock, c1800.

Marriage Tall Case Clock

ST #68 movement, international time pendulum and bob, 1850-ish chapter ring, cherry case.

Ansonia General

Ansonia General, outside refinished

Ketterer Fusee, c1840

Ketterer Fusee, c1840

Gents C7 Master Clock

Gents Master Clock w/ slave clock. English, April 1948

Japy Freres Slate Clock, c1885

Japy Freres Slate Clock, c1885

George Marsh Wood Movement Clock

George Marsh Wood Movement Clock, c1830

W&H 14" Fusee Wall Clock

W&H 14" Fusee Wall Clock

Willard Reproduction w/ Quartz Movement

Willard Reproduction w/ Quartz Movement. Frames have been gold-leafed.

IBM/ITR Master Clock

IBM/ITR Master Clock, with synchronome motor

Jefferson Golden Hour Clock, c1957

Jefferson Golden Hour Clock. The hands are attached to the glass, which rotates.

Standard Electric Deco Master Clock

Standard Electric Master Clock, c1947

Stromberg Master Clock

Tifft Banjo Clock

Attleborro, MA banjo clock by Horace Tifft, c1840

Johann Franke

J. Franke 8-day striking regulator movement, non-original pendulum and case

Early Jewelers Regulator Movement

An early Jewelers Regulator movement with pinwheel escapement, sweep seconds hand and 13lb pendulum.

Chauncey Ives Bronze Looking Glass Clock

wood works, circa 1820

Will. Peacock Dial, c1770

Will. Peacock Dial, c1770

Welch Spring & Co. Round Head No. 4 c1878

Welch Spring & Co. Round Head No. 4 with B.B. Lewis calendar movement. 8" calendar dial signifies 1878.

E. Howard Figure 8 Knock-off

This E. Howard Figure 8 Knock-off was made in Mexico in the 1960s-1970s. Quartz movement. If it were the real thing, it would be $5-10k.

Sankosha Regulator

Sankosha regulator, 1900-ish. Sankosha was part of a government study in 1947 to develop a standard clock movement for the Japanese clock industry. This one is small... 21 3/8" tall, with a 6 3/4" chapter ring.

Reproduction: Howard-style U.S. Lighthouse Establishment Banjo Clock

Inexpensive but interesting reproduction banjo clock with traditional style movement (instead of German or quartz).

Winterhalder Hoffmeier Petit Sonniere Mantel Clock

B. F. Wood Banjo Clock, c1930

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