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New Hampshire Mirror Clock, Abiel Chandler, c1830, w/ wheelbarrow movement.

Abiel Chandler was a clockmaker, silversmith, and instrument maker. Born in Concord, MA, in 1807, he was the youngest son of Timothy Chandler, which whom he formed a partnership in 1829 called A. Chandler & Co.; this was presumably following six months in Boston with the Willards learning how to make the Willard timepiece. Abiel made shelf clocks, New Hampshire mirror clocks, lyre and patent timepieces; signed surveying compasses are also known.

He was born in Concord on April 2, 1807, and died in Concord on April 22, 1881. His is listed in the directories as follows: 1834 - Clock maker on Main Street; 1850 Philosopher instrument maker on South St.; 1853-1880 - Horticulturist. The New Hampshire Historical Society Museum has a Brass Surveyor's Plain compass, engraved "A. Chandler"... 12" overall, with 4 1/8" needle; E is left of North. The Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI has a Brass Surveyor's Plain Compass, engraved "A. Chandler Concord"; it is 14" overall w/ 5" needle and W left of North. Illustration 163 in "The Book of American Clocks" by Brooks Palmer shows a clock by Abiel Chandler.

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