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Gallery clock by John Sawin, c1834. Large gallery clock with a 27" solid wood dial.

The heavy, high quality movement is secured with fillister head mounting screws shouldering on the back plate. There is a counter-weight for the minute hand that is secured to an arbor between the movement plates. The weight hangs off an original wood pulley mounted into the top left of the case.

It is thought that this was one of the two clocks Sawin displayed at the Exhibition and Fair of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association in 1837, "equipped with improved regulators to avoid the necessity of removing the dial. They were proclaimed to be the best clocks exhibited at the fair and he was awarded a Diploma by this new organization." (see the entry from the exhibition catalog in the photo gallery). There is a knob at the top of the case that allows one to adjust the length of the pendulum to dial in the rate/accuracy. There is another lever at the bottom of the case that allows one to start the pendulum swinging, also without removing the dial.

The clock was previously owned by Alan Granby... see article at the end of the image gallery.

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