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According to Claterbos Ferdinand Keberle was active since 1875 until 1885. He lived in Neulerchenfeld (independent community on the territory of Wien until 1891), at the Hauptstrasse 20. Indeed, there's no Keberle in Adressen Buch der Wiener Uhrmacher Genossenschaft Mitglieder from the year 1885.

By far the most abundant style of Vienna Regulator, the Alt Deutsch clocks stand out with their ornate and beautifully made cases.   For many people, this is the style that epitomizes Vienna Regulators.   It is almost unbelievable that they derived from the simple lines of the earlier Empire and Biedermeier periods.
The hallmark of the Alt Deutsch clocks is their use of Corinthian Columns on the doors.   Typically these are full columns with fluting, though the Austrians, and the German factory of Lenzkirch used some broken columns with hanging finials.
Pendulums are zinc-backed in the earlier clocks and steel backed in the later.   Nearly all pendulum rods are made of wood, though some elaborate metal rods were seen later on.
While the dial bezels were typically spun brass, the dials were porcelain, brass or a combination with a porcelain chapter ring and a brass dial center.   Dial centers were often engraved or embossed--often with matching weights and pendulums. These clocks typically have very elaborate hands.  

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