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If you’re gone for a couple of weeks and the clock stops you can reset the calendar by first advancing the time to 12:30 a.m. You will know it’s at a.m. when the the calendar advances. Then grasp the wire behind the pendulum with a needle nose plier and raise the wire up and down until it advances to the correct date. Wind and set to correct time.

Initial setup is done by determining when the calendar mechanism shows Feb 29th. Turn the month wheel to February and the calendar hand to the 28th (forwards only). Move the minute hand around until the date changes and note whether it moves to the 29th or the 1st. If the calendar hand moves to the 1st, rotate the month wheel forward until the next February and repeat the above until the calendar hand moves to the 29th. This will be a leap year and the calendar is set from there by advancing the month wheel, the day wheel, and the calendar hand. Setting from that point would be relatively easy right now since this is a leap year and we are just a few days past Feb 29th.

To set the clock running, first remove the block which is screwed to back of case over the Calendar, then set the day and month rolls by placing the point of a knife against them through the openings in the dial, and raise up until the right day of the week and month is indicated; then turn the hand forward to the day of the month. Set the hands of the time dial by turning them in all cases forward by the minute hand. If past noon when starting, turn the hands forward twelve hours in addition to the hour of starting. Now set the clock in motion. Never turn the calendar hand backward after the 28th day of the month, and in no case further than to the first day.

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