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Johann Franke was a watchmaker living in Cieszyn, for years a member of the management board (Vorstand) east-Silesian association of cooperative watchmaking (Uhrmachergenossenschaft - and a board member of Austria's watchmaking company and "known in all over Austria ".

Modeled on well-known European companies, especially the famous Swiss ones, and launched in 1890 Johann Franke Cieszyn had 100 employees and turned out about 15,000 different timepieces every year.

In 1890, the Vienna watchmaker Johann Frankeafter won a large amount in the lottery and decided to buy back the failing clock factory in Cieszyn and develop his production there. To this end, he imported machines, trained the crew and in this way a factory was established, which became the progenitor of the later "Dawn" and "Orion" in Cieszyn. The Viennese company FG ( Franke & Gronemann ) was founded in 1891, taking over interests of the former representative of Gebruder Resch - Edouard Pfeil. The FG company operated in Vienna until 1898, after which it broke up and both former partners started their own business, with the exception that Franke moved to Inzersdorf near Vienna.

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