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A French marble clock with the much less common square plated pendule de Paris movement. Rollin is listed in Paris at Rue de la Corderie 1840-50 and Rue de Bretagne 1860-70, no mention of where he was during the 10 year gap.

My notes on Rollin have him at Rue des Filles du Calvaire in 1839, before moving in 1840 to Rue de la Corderie du Temple no 11. He was cited in the jury report for the Paris 1849 expo as having a good selection of clocks, and was still advertising at the same address in 1850. I have seen one carriage clock by him, but that's about it.

Presented To Charles Smith, Esq.
Factor for Strathconan and Whittingham
by the Inhabitants of Strathconan
(on his removing to the South)
In testimony of their sense of his private worth
as well as of the Straightforward and judicious manner
in which he discharged the arduous and important duties devolving upon him
as their Factor
November 1852

The black stone French clocks are made of "Dinant" marble, mined at Rance in Belgium and later at Bavay, in France

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