E. J. Dent Regulator, 24 hr. dial, c1843

adolph lange precision regulator w/ groƟmann pendulum c1849-1854

french floor regulator, c1807, equation of time, dial by coteau


New Hampshire Mirror Clock, Abiel Chandler, c1830

c.1895 French Gilt and Silvered Bronze Carriage Clock with Complications

Strasser & Rohde Precision Regulator, c1918

Willard Shop c1815

Strasser & Rohde Precision Regulator (reproduction)

Isaac Wood Tall Case, c1780

Tall Case clock by Isaac Wood of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, c1780.

Le Roy et Fils Four Glass Mantle Clock w/ Coup-Perdu Escapement, c1860

James Cary Banjo Clock, early 1830s

George Smith, Leamington c1866

sawin gallery clock

30" dial, be jealous

Biedermeier Runddachluhr, Josef Elsner, c1835

Welch Spring & Company Regulator No. 2

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2, circa 1878. WS&C were known for building quality clocks that cost too much to produce profitably. Gorgeous rosewood veneer around the bezel, hand-painted faux graining on the case, gold-leafed pendulum, two weights, time-only, an 18" dial and extremely accurate.

Smith & Sons, Clerkenwell Nautical Striking Bulkhead Clock w/ 'Dog Watches'

Empire Period Banjo Clock, A-Frame Movement, c1830s

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