Sawin & Dyer Banjo Clock

Sawin & Dyer Banjo Clock, c1825. This clock came from Craigslist SF. It is an exceptional piece.

Welch Spring & Company Regulator No. 2

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2, circa 1878. WS&C were known for building quality clocks that cost too much to produce profitably. Gorgeous rosewood veneer, an 18" dial and extremely accurate... this is perhaps my favorite clock.

Standing Jewelers Regulator

Floor standing Jewelers Regulator, pinwheel escapement, cut glass in front door.


Gaskin tall case clock. Dublin. c1820

Banjo Clock w/ Moon Dial

This is someone's special project, as there are no other banjo clocks with moon dials. Glasses repainted by Linda Abrams.

Waterbury No. 8 Jewelers Regulator

Waterbury No. 8 Jewelers Regulator, 1905

Colonial Winterhalder 5-Tube Clock

Colonial Winterhalder 5-Tube Clock, c1926

Seth Thomas Office 1 Calendar

Seth Thomas Office 1 Calendar, c1887

Waterbury Jewelers Regulator

Waterbury Jewelers Regulator w/ deadbeat escapement, custom dial and case.

Seth Thomas Regulator 2

Seth Thomas Regulator 2... my first mechanical clock. c1890

Seth Thomas Regulator 2

Purchased from Merritt's... c1890s, dial touched up between I and II

E. Howard No. 5 Banjo Clock

E. Howard No. 5 Banjo Clock

Banjo Clock, Early 20th Century

Banjo Clock, early 20th century.

Seth Thomas Pillar & Scroll

Seth Thomas Pillar & Scroll 30-hour clock w/ all wood gears, c1820s. Tablet glass and top (w/ scrolls) are later replacements. Photos include initial cleaning, which took two people eight full hours of chipping away black gunk, replacing a couple of broken teeth, etc.

Tifft Banjo Clock

Attleborro, MA banjo clock by Horace Tifft, c1840

English Dome Top Tall Case Clock

English Dome Top Tall Case Clock, c1830. Dial re-silvered in late 2018.

Atkins 30-Day Extra

Atkins 30-day extra w/ rare upside-down movement. c1870s. It's been through the wars and had a hard life but runs great. Bottom case piece is not original, minute hand has been repaired. Gold-leafed pendulum, weights & bob also not original.

Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar 3

Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar 3, c1887

Jewelers Regulator Pinwheel

Jewelers Regulator, French, pinwheel, mercury pendulum.

Banjo Clock, Marriage

Howard-style #4 case, Noah Pomeroy movement, functional but non-original dial, hands and pendulum assembly.

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2

Welch Spring & Co. Regulator 2, c1884

Vienna Regulator, Ferd. Kerbele, c1880

Vienna Regulator, Ferd. Kerbele, c1880

Wood Movement Seconds Clock

Wood Movement Seconds Clock. Built by a retired NASA engineer, 1.5x scale, purchased off Craigslist for $20.

Concord/Boston Banjo Clock Marriage

Classic Concord, MA case with a Boston (Sawin) movement. Doors have been remade, new old glass. Great movement.

A-Frame Fusee Movement, c1850

A-Frame Fusee Movement, c1850

French Crystal Regulator, Mercury Pendulum

French Crystal Regulator, Mercury Pendulum. c1865-1880

French Crystal Regulator c1890

French Crystal Regulator c1890

Seth Thomas 86C Movement

Seth Thomas 86C Movement w/ English pendulum bob

Chelsea 3/4 Banjo Clock

Chelsea 3/4 banjo clock, c1926 (model made 1926-1932, movement made aug. 1925). All original.

French Presentation Clock

French presentation clock, black marble, Rollin movement w/ square plates. Plaque dates it to Nov. 1852.

Seth Thomas Round Band

Seth Thomas Round Band. c1909

Chelsea 6" Ships Bell Clock

Chelsea 6" Ships Bell Clock

Seth Thomas Lobby, 18" Dial

Seth Thomas Lobby, 18" Dial, c1907

English Time Clock w/ German Movement

English Time Clock w/ German Movement

'Mendocino' Tall Case Clock

'Mendocino' Tall Case Clock. Weight-driven w/ ST #61 repro movement.

Bergische Tall Case Clock

Bergische Tall Case Clock, c1800.

Marriage Tall Case Clock

ST #68 movement, international time pendulum and bob, 1850-ish chapter ring, cherry case.

Ansonia General

Ansonia General, outside refinished

Ketterer Fusee, c1840

Ketterer Fusee, c1840

Gents C7 Master Clock

Gents Master Clock w/ slave clock. English, April 1948

Japy Freres Slate Clock, c1885

Japy Freres Slate Clock, c1885

George Marsh Wood Movement Clock

George Marsh Wood Movement Clock, c1830

W&H 14" Fusee Wall Clock

W&H 14" Fusee Wall Clock

Tall Case Clock Pine Case Welch Movement

First tall case clock, simple pine case, Welch two-weight time-only movement

Willard Reproduction w/ Quartz Movement

Willard Reproduction w/ Quartz Movement. Frames have been gold-leafed.

IBM/ITR Master Clock

IBM/ITR Master Clock, with synchronome motor

Jefferson Golden Hour Clock, c1957

Jefferson Golden Hour Clock. The hands are attached to the glass, which rotates.

Standard Electric Deco Master Clock

Standard Electric Master Clock, c1947

Stromberg Master Clock

Tifft Banjo Clock

Attleborro, MA banjo clock by Horace Tifft, c1840

Waterbury 'Rosedale' No. 4

Waterbury Clock Co, " Regulator No 4", "Rosedale", 8 days, weight oak and burl veneer wall timepiece. c1885 This case design was made by both Waterbury and Welch and offered as a two weight timepiece. This model has an A frame type Waterbury movement. that was not used in the Welch model but a similar looking A frame movement with solid plates was used by Waterbury in some of their regulators. Circa 1873

Johann Franke

J. Franke 8-day striking regulator movement, non-original pendulum and case

Early Jewelers Regulator Movement

An early Jewelers Regulator movement with pinwheel escapement, sweep seconds hand and 13lb pendulum.

Chauncey Ives Bronze Looking Glass Clock

wood works, circa 1820

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